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Shahram Amiri’s exquisite adventure

“I was a soldier, with one round in my gun.” Interviewer. Well for a period, you were quasi free, semi free, why didn’t you try — with the help your friends, or Iranians, or whatever means — to get your message out, and to get out of the country? What happened, that the Americans eventually […]

Russia, China, OK seizure of Iran’s oil, gas, petrochemical revenues, assets

The Security Council, … “PP 15: Recognizing that access to diverse, reliable energy is critical for sustainable growth and development, while noting the potential connection between Iran’s revenues derived from its energy sector and the funding of Iran’s proliferation sensitive nuclear activities, and further noting that chemical process equipment and materials required for the petrochemical […]

The liar Wyatt Andrews (CBS-Iran)

Five lies: “Wyatt Andrews. Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad, rejected engagement, rejected a deal, to send his uranium to Russia, and was exposed, by Mr. Obama himself, for enhancing uranium, in secret.”

Censuring ElBaradei (Iran)

Liars league He marked his final meeting, with a big lie: Mohamed ElBaradei. Iran’s failure to notify the Agency of the existence of this facility until September 2009, rather than as soon as the decision to construct it or to authorize construction was taken, was inconsistent with its obligations under the Subsidiary Arrangements to its […]

Obama’s last chance (fuel for Iran’s TRR)

Iran’s Tehran Research Reactor Obama tutorial 1 Iran has offered Barack Obama a chance, to be a leader. I think it’s Obama’s last chance. And I don’t think he’s man enough, to seize it. A chance to announce this: “Iran needs fuel, for their Tehran Research Reactor, and I urge those who can, to supply […]

Why Iran will say, “No.”

Will Obama flunk the test? Today, in Vienna, Iran will deliver its counter-offer, to the IAEA (Thursday October 29 2009). My guess is, Iran will say, “No thanks. We want to buy fuel, not export fuel.” And then Iran will wait, to see what happens. I expect Obama to flunk this test, this simple test, […]