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An oversight (Gaza freedom flotilla)

It’s a pity. They’re heroes. Hundreds, thousands, of people, united, a huge enterprise, to bring humanitarian aid, to Gaza. They built alliances, held events, got donations, bought ships, cargo, hired ships, crews. And then set sail, for Gaza. 6 ships, 663 passengers, from 37 nations, and the press on board, as witnesses, satellite gear, cameras. […]

Murder, on a criminal blockade (Israel, Gaza Freedom Flotilla)

Blockade law, below Israel attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, in international waters, 125 nautical miles (231 kilometers) from Israel’s 20 n.mile naval blockade of Gaza, its closest point (May 31 2010, 0415eest, 0115z.utc.gmt, 6 ships, 663 passengers, from 37 nations) 1 . Israel killed 9 passengers, wounded 60, on board the MV Mavi Marmara, a large passenger […]