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The liar Wyatt Andrews (CBS-Iran)

Five lies: “Wyatt Andrews. Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad, rejected engagement, rejected a deal, to send his uranium to Russia, and was exposed, by Mr. Obama himself, for enhancing uranium, in secret.”


The liar Barbara Starr (CNN-Iran)

“Kristie Lu Stout (Hong Kong). As Iran continues to thumb its nose at the international community, there’s new talk, about stepped-up U.S. military contingency plans, for dealing with Iran. Barbara Starr has more. Barbara Starr (Pentagon correspondent) (voice over video clips). Iran’s military on parade, this weekend. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying, Iran is now so […]

The liar Oliver Kamm (hosted by Edward Stourton, bbc.r4.media)

Liars league BBC (website episode description, not broadcast). “Ofcom have found the two programmes that George Galloway presents on London-based Press TV to be in breach of impartiality rules. Some journalists have expressed their concerns that those British journalists contributing to the Iranian state-funded television station are lending their credibility to a ‘propaganda channel’. Mehdi […]