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The U.S. declares war on Iran (unsc sanctions s/res/1929)

Susan Rice. “Today the Security Council has responded decisively to the grave threat to international peace and security posed by Iran’s failure to live up to its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.” • Susan E. Rice (U.S. U.N. ambassador), “Explanation of Vote” (“as delivered” “PRN: 2010/115”) on S/Res/1929, her first sentence (U.N. Security Council […]

The U.S. sets the world ablaze (Iran unsc sanctions)

Today, at 10am.et, the UNSC, United Nations Security Council, will adopt new sanctions against Iran, with the unlawful aim of preventing Iran from enriching uranium. The draft resolution paragraphs (circulated by the U.S. on May 19 2010) authorize an armed attack on commercial shipping worldwide, and seizure of Iranian cargo. The U.S. will prohibit all […]

The liar Barbara Starr (CNN-Iran)

“Kristie Lu Stout (Hong Kong). As Iran continues to thumb its nose at the international community, there’s new talk, about stepped-up U.S. military contingency plans, for dealing with Iran. Barbara Starr has more. Barbara Starr (Pentagon correspondent) (voice over video clips). Iran’s military on parade, this weekend. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying, Iran is now so […]

The liar Susan Rice (Iran)

“Susan Rice. We will work with our partners in the Security Council, to mount serious, and intensified, pressure on Iran. We think, that the package of elements, that we have proposed, and that will be discussed, in further depth, will put meaningful pressure, on Iran. And that’s our intention. It is, to make it clear, […]

Iran’s report (infcirc/785) of defaulted contracts for nuclear fuel

____________________ U.S., France, Germany: dishonesty, theft, breach of contract, breach of the NPT ____________________ Iran delivered this document to Yukiya Amano, the new director-general, and asked him to give a copy of it to all 151 IAEA member countries. Amano posted an image-only pdf, on iaea.org, where nobody can find the text of it, because […]

Iran’s reply (infcirc/786) to Amano (iaea gov/2010/10)

Here is Iran’s reply, to the new director-general of the IAEA, his first report on Iran, a lawyer, who’s been at the IAEA, more than 4 years, with the duty to know the facts, which he decided to lie about, in his report (Yukiya Amano). The IAEA posted Iran’s reply as an image-only pdf, and […]

Censuring ElBaradei (Iran)

Liars league He marked his final meeting, with a big lie: Mohamed ElBaradei. Iran’s failure to notify the Agency of the existence of this facility until September 2009, rather than as soon as the decision to construct it or to authorize construction was taken, was inconsistent with its obligations under the Subsidiary Arrangements to its […]

Iran IAEA documents (pdf-text)

The IAEA posts documents, on its website, nearly all of them pdf-text files, an image of the document together with its text, keystrokes, which internet search engines, and the public, can index, search, copy, and print. But not Iran’s documents. The IAEA posted some of Iran’s most important documents as pdf-image files, image only, no […]

Why Iran will say, “No.”

Will Obama flunk the test? Today, in Vienna, Iran will deliver its counter-offer, to the IAEA (Thursday October 29 2009). My guess is, Iran will say, “No thanks. We want to buy fuel, not export fuel.” And then Iran will wait, to see what happens. I expect Obama to flunk this test, this simple test, […]