Shahram Amiri’s exquisite adventure

“I was a soldier, with one round in my gun.”

Interviewer. Well for a period, you were quasi free, semi free, why didn’t you try — with the help your friends, or Iranians, or whatever means — to get your message out, and to get out of the country?

What happened, that the Americans eventually freed you, and you came here, to Iran’s interest section? …

Shahram Amiri. I thought I was a soldier, with one round in my gun.

They pressured me, to help with propaganda against Iran.

I thought, well, I was in a situation, with no equipment to my hand, I thought it was better, I should look at the situation as a problem, as an issue, and see what I could do.

What I talked to the CIA about was, that I have made a promise to myself, that I would not talk against my country, at all.

They said, they had a red line for me, as well. Their red line was for me to not talk about my abduction, or the things that went on afterwards, to anyone. They had done a background search, and said, if you want to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, we’re monitoring you 24/7, and the possibility for you to succeed, and to achieve your goal, and to complicate the matter, you’re not going to do that. There was evidence, that they were monitoring, what I was doing.

So I thought, if I want risk even more, and get them to suspect me even more.

I preferred to bide my time, and to get to know the U.S. intelligence agency, and how things work in the United States. I got good information, from the people that were around me. I realize how the CIA worked, and the agents worked, and thought I could make the best benefit, from the way things worked there.

What I realized, was that, during the course of time, if I behaved normally, and that if I gave the impression that I was OK with the situation, in the United States, and that I was even making plans, to stay in the United States, for the long run, it would give them the impression, I was cooperating with them, and that I had completely forgotten about my abduction.

So step by step, they would give me more and more freedom, with which, I can create the possibility of escaping the United States, and go to another country, where I can go back to Iran, and freely prove, what had happened to me.

Shahram Amiri, interviewed in Persian (Farsi), simultaneous English translation (Iran Interest Section, 2209 Wisconsin Avenue, Pakistani embassy, Washington D.C., July 13 2010), broadcast by Press TV, Thursday July 15 2010, 08:30am GMT+1.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw), July 15 2010


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