The U.S. sets the world ablaze (Iran unsc sanctions)

Today, at, the UNSC, United Nations Security Council, will adopt new sanctions against Iran, with the unlawful aim of preventing Iran from enriching uranium.

The draft resolution paragraphs (circulated by the U.S. on May 19 2010) authorize an armed attack on commercial shipping worldwide, and seizure of Iranian cargo.

The U.S. will prohibit all cargo ships from trading in U.S. ports, docking in the U.S., unless their flag countries agree in writing for the U.S. military to stop and search their flagged vessels at sea, and to attack, seize, destroy, any who refuse to submit.

The draft resolution paragraphs authorize the U.S. to seize bank accounts, cargos, assets, of Brazil, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, and every other country, their nationals, residents, companies, if the U.S. says they traded with Iran, in violation of the sanctions.

“With respect to a recent media report, the IAEA reiterates that it has no concrete proof that there is or has been a nuclear weapon programme in Iran.” “Recent Media Report on Iran” (IAEA press briefing, 17 September 2009), reported, “no concrete proof that Iran has or has ever had a nuclear weapons programme” (UN News Centre, 17 September 2009).

This, without a scrap of evidence, a scintilla of evidence, that Iran has, or has ever had, at any time in the past, a nuclear weapons program.

This, even though Iran has scrupulously complied, 100%, with its IAEA safeguards agreement since 2003. (Hilary Clinton is a psychopathic liar, with a large company of fellow U.S. officials).

Millions of people, tens of millions, have watched U.S. officials, and EU3 officials (U.K., France, Germany), liars, bold, relentless, liars, about Iran and its nuclear enrichment program.

This dishonesty, about Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, this deceit, about matters of life and death, incites immense hatred, of this criminal conspiracy, led by U.S. officials, responsible for the criminal killing of a million people, exile of 4 million, orphans, maimed, widows, homes, businesses destroyed.

This sets decent people searching, for something different, some value system, which does not tolerate deceit, in matters of life and death.

No “meeting” of the council will be permitted by those with power to say so, merely statements after the vote. This is a violation of the “meeting” requirement (if there be one). When a “meeting” is required by law, regulation, bylaw, procedure, then a non-meeting violates that provision, and the result of the meeting is null and void.

A meeting is a dynamic human interaction which can change minds. And that’s why the U.S. fears a meeting, that Brazil, Turkey, Lebanon, can enlighten the other members, about the world war the U.S. is set to unleash on all of them, seizing their bank accounts, ships, cargos, them and their citizens, if they do not obey U.S. orders.

When they realize what they’ve been tricked into voting for, it will be too late. No resolution can be revoked without consent of the U.S. (who can veto a revoking resolution).

But the resolution can be ignored, by all member states, for many good, lawful, reasons.

For agreeing to this declaration of war, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov will be forever marked, as the most promising failures, in world history.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw), June 9 2010.


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