The U.S. declares war on Iran (unsc sanctions s/res/1929)

Susan Rice. “Today the Security Council has responded decisively to the grave threat to international peace and security posed by Iran’s failure to live up to its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

Susan E. Rice (U.S. U.N. ambassador), “Explanation of Vote” (“as delivered” “PRN: 2010/115”) on S/Res/1929, her first sentence (U.N. Security Council meeting 6335, New York City, Wednesday June 9 2010, (sc.meetings), meeting transcript S/PV.6335, meeting report SC/9948 (June 9 2010), reported, “Citing Iran’s failure to clarify nuclear ambitions, UN imposes additional sanctions” (U.N. News Centre, June 9 2010). (I haven’t yet seen the resolution). Update: Links to S/Res/1929, S/PV.6335.

This is the language of war.

The draft resolution paragraphs (circulated by the U.S. on May 19 2010) authorize a military attack on Iran, by its language, that no nation is required to use military force against a merchant ship which refuses to stop and be searched, on the high seas.

The U.S. will argue, that the U.N. Security Council applied its mind to this issue of war, and agreed to leave that decision to individual member nations, to attack Iran, if they wish.

The U.S. anyway asserts the right to attack offensively, without U.N. Security Council authority, especially where, as here, they claim the Council itself agrees, that there is a “grave threat to international peace and security.”

A complete and utter lie. So if that’s what the Security Council said (I haven’t yet seen the resolution), then the council exceeded its jurisdiction, because there is no evidence to support that claim, and officials of the permanent members repeatedly say, there is no evidence of any weapons program or any threat.

George W. Bush said, the U.S. president can use force to deter a threat to U.S. interests (code for Israel), initiate offensive war, without consent of Congress. The constitution says, no, that decision is none of his business, it’s the exclusive business of congress.

The judge, of course, whether there is a threat, is the U.S. president, he claimed, a liar, who repeatedly said, Iran has a nuclear weapons program, but he never produced a single scrap of proof, just like the next liar can’t, Barack Obama, demonstrating the wisdom of the constitution, to deny authority to initiate war, to a single individual, and his secret cabals of officials, advisers.

It’s impossible to prove a negative — that something exists which does not exist — and that’s what frets them so.

George W. Bush. “… the long-standing positions of the executive branch on … the President’s constitutional authority to use force to deter, prevent, or respond to aggression or other threats to U.S. interests ….”

George W. Bush, “Statement by the President” (written “signing statement” dated White House, October 16 2002), retitled, “Statement on Signing the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002,” 38:42 WCPD 1779 {4kb.txt, 37kb.pdf}, reprinted, 2002 PPPUS 1814-1815 (book 2) {4kb.txt, 34kb.pdf, ucsb}.

The U.S. will also cite this resolution (secretly) to justify its continuing violent criminal covert and special operations against Iran, of murder, arson, kidnapping, promising its officials and their operatives, they will not be prosecuted for their violent crimes.

An unenforceable promise, which will not prevent their prosecution, conviction, imprisonment, execution, down the road, if honest officials ever manage to seize control of the levers of government power.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw), June 9, 12, 2010.


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    Approximately six weeks prior to – Susan Rice’s statement, and the Security Council voting for these additional sanctions on Iran – there was a matter of some personal significance, the birth of a grand-nephew – as my favorite nephew and his wife had their first child, a baby boy.

    I mention it, as they, the troika of liars, who are determined to instigate a war with Iran – were especially active around the time of his birth {in fomenting this issue} and I wondered, if they prove to be successful, what that might portend for his future.

    And so, here it is, ratified and written, that the US has a legal rationalization and the obligation of enforcement on the high seas – and I wonder at what this might portends for us all – and I certainly do not exclude the potential deleterious effects on Iranian citizens and all the babies born to them in 2010.

    Seriously, I really can not understand what motivates the folks behind these moves – Is it all a fabulous ruse designed in hopes to provoke Iran along the path to weaponization and the diversion of nuclear fuel – as a perfectly rational defensive strategy – and thereby get the goods, the smoking gun as it were, to provide the necessary justification to commence the lethal military action they so obviously desire?

    Following the tried and tested Israeli method, and stratagem of – provocation, response, and retaliation

    So far, Iran seems to have been sufficiently clever to resist the obvious baiting, but only time will tell how far their cautious pragmatism, and patience might extend.

    “An unenforceable promise, which will not prevent their prosecution, conviction, imprisonment, execution, down the road, if honest officials ever manage to seize control of the levers of government power.”

    Regarding that last bit … ‘if honest officials ever manage to seize control to the levers of power’ … well, hope does spring eternal.

    Till then, my guarded optimism lies in the fact, that you Mr Harwood, have painstakingly documented and detailed the case against them, until such a day.

    Probably a most thankless task under the present circumstances, but fulfilling an absolutely essential and crucial service nonetheless, if only to establish, for posterity’s sake, the case of US subterfuge and document its official malfeasance permanently on record.

    An endeavor to which you have earned my eternal gratitude and unequivocal support.

    As always, my deepest respect and my highest regards.

    M. Jensen

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