Russia, how to be a nobody, on the world stage (Gaza)

Do this: Make a powerful navy, give it the best, electronics, guns, missiles (offense, defense), anchor a fleet, in the Black Sea.

Do this: Switch on the TV, learn about a Gaza Freedom Flotilla, moblizing, in Antalya Turkey and Greece, to rendezvous off Cyprus (9 ships, 800 activists, 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian supplies, 20 media organizations with satellite links), hear Israeli officials give orders, to their IDF, to intercept that convoy, on the high seas, and prevent it reaching Gaza.

Don’t do this: Order your Black Sea fleet to sea, contact the Gaza convoy commander by radio, request s/he heave-to, await arrival of Russian warships, request permission to board with inspection parties, inspect all ships for “contraband” (war fighting material), invite the world’s media on board to video each inspection team at work, hold a press conference when done, broadcast live, announce his opinion (Russian fleet commander), that no items of contraband exist, on any of the 9 ships, which are therefore entitled to cross the blockade, sail to Gaza, and off-load, that Israeli warships are entitled to search for themselves.

Don’t do this: If the Israeli commander declares, that the cargos are prohibited under Israeli law, and contain contraband under blockade law (cement, building materials, whatever), hold a press conference, and declare (Russian fleet commander), that he has no interest in Israel’s law, on this topic, that he disagrees with the Israeli commander, about the definition of “contraband” under the international law of blockade, that he will enforce his opinion, the flotilla will proceed to Gaza, under protection of the Russian fleet, which will await their business, and then escort them away again, and will answer with the same, any violence by Israeli forces.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw), May 28 2010


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