No guts, no glory (LibDems, U.K. election)

U.K. voters threw-out the ruling Labour Party (Gordon Brown, leader), at the U.K. general election (Thursday May 6 2010).

But, they did not hand power to anybody else. U.K. voters do not embrace, do not trust, the Tories (Conservative Party, David Cameron, leader). They produced a parliament with no party in control (a “hung parliament”).

It was the voters in “marginal constituencies” who accomplished this, seats where the vote was close last election, between two or three parties. The voters in those constituencies seized 91 of these marginal seats away from the ruling Labour Party, and 5 from the LibDems too, and 1 from another party (net gains and loses).

The voters handed the Tories, 97 new seats, producing this result: Tories (306), Labour (258), LibDems (57), others (28). A majority, in the 650-seat U.K. House of Commons, is 326 seats, a few less because the Sinn Fein party will likely not occupy the 5 seats it won, because they have to swear allegiance to the Queen, and their political philosophy is that Northern Ireland is a British colony.

The LibDems lost 5 seats (net), and did not double their seats, as they might have done, for 2 reasons:

(1) A majority of U.K. voters wanted to throw-out the Labour regime, and to do that, they had to vote tactically, in each of the 650 constituencies (minus one, where a candidate died), they had to vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the Labour candidate (based on the previous election results, and the polls). And so people who would vote LibDem (in a proportional voting system), they voted instead for the conservative candidates (the Tories), in marginal constituencies, as the only way to ensure defeat, of the Labour candidate (in the U.K.’s non-proportional plurality voting system).

(2) The LibDem leader (Nick Clegg), did not offer any policy promise, worthy of notice, to distinguish his party from the other two. He ensured it was an election among Tweedledum and two Tweedledees.

Untested, is my recommendation, that Nick Clegg stand up, be a bold leader, promise a new direction, seize world leadership away from the U.S., long ago floundered in dishonesty, establish a new world order, of law, justice, morality, and solve a lot of problems at the same time–

Promise, if elected, to BDS Israel, lead the world to impose boycott, divestment, sanctions, to drive Israel out, from the lands it confiscated, after it occupied them, in the 1967 6-day war, namely, the oPt (Israeli occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem), the Golan Heights (Israeli occupied Syria), and the Shebaa Farms (Israeli occupied Lebanon).

He can do that now. Call for a new election and announce that to be LibDem’s red line promise: BDS Israel.

That, and also proportional voting, to transform the U.K., permanently, into a multiparty democracy, where voters can vote for what party they want and get seats in parliament dedicated to their goals. And politicians who know it’s their business to cooperate with other parties, to reflect the voters’ decisions.

I believe he could double the LibDem vote, because now, the distraction of being rid of the Labour Party government, that task is done already.

Politics is about persuasion, so he would first have to persuade his parliamentary colleagues (57 MPs) and then his grass roots party members, in the 650 constituencies. With their mandate he could then call for a new election and make his case to the public, educate them.

Meanwhile, if the Tory Party refuses to agree — a certainty, given their long complicity, in Israel’s violent war crimes (looting, colonizing) — Nick Clegg should work to bring them down, the Tory minority government, to hasten the new election, the day of reckoning.

Let U.K. voters stand up and be counted, yea or nay.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw)


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