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Russ Mitchell (New York City, CBS News) (caption: “Nuclear warning”). Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, late today, confirmed reports, that he sent a memo to the White House, earlier this year, concerning U.S. strategy, for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

In Washington, Wyatt Andrews has more on the memo, and the debates, over U.S. policy.

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Wyatt Andrews (Washington D.C., CBS News) (voice over video clips) (segment title: “Iran & Nukes: Next steps?”). Always a believer in the no nonsense approach, Secretary Gates told the White House, in January, it had no effective strategy in place, for dealing with Iran’s nuclear capability. And while some sources said, that memo was a wake up call, Gates denied that today, in a statement, saying, the memo simply presented a number of questions, and proposals, as part of an orderly, and timely, decision-making process.

Still, to critics of the president, the lack of an effective Iran strategy, has been true from the beginning.

John McCain (U.S. senator) {video clip}. I didn’t need a secret memo from Mr. Gates, to ascertain that. We do not have a coherent policy.

Source, John McCain, interviewed by Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday, Sunday April 18 2010, 9-10am.edt, repeated 6pm) (transcript, video, video rss, entire show audio, audio rss, reported).

Clearly, the president’s initial policy, of engagement with Iran, has gone nowhere.

Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad, rejected engagement, rejected a deal, to send his uranium to Russia, and was exposed, by Mr. Obama himself, for enhancing uranium, in secret.

Barack Obama {video clip}. This is not the first time, that Iran has concealed information.

Source, Barack Obama, “Statements by President Obama, French President Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister Brown on Iranian Nuclear Facility” (Pittsburgh Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during the G20 Conference, Friday September 25 2009, 0843-0851am.edt) (transcript, video at 01:58-02:01, audio).

Seven months later, and the president, just this week, got the Chinese and Russians to discuss, a new round of sanctions on Iran, not to adopt sanctions, just to talk about them.

To some supporters, however, the president’s step by step isolation, of the unpopular Ahmadinejad, has been an accomplishment.

Greg Thielmann (Arms Control Association) {video clip}. And so far, it is the Iranians, it seems to me, who are having problems, with the rest of the world, and not the U.S.

Today, Iran staged its annual army parade, featuring the Shahab-3 missile, the one that could potentially, reach Israel.

The U.S. military believes Iran could be one year away, from building, a nuclear weapon.

So the policy is, hope that diplomacy works, but plan for the day it does not.

Admiral Mike Mullen (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff) {video clip}. We, in the Pentagon, we plan for contingencies all the time. And so, certainly, that there are options which exist, shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Source, Mike Mullen interviewed by Lee C. Bollinger (president, columbia.u), “Conversations with America featuring Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Columbia University, World Leaders Forum, Altschul Auditorium, International Affairs, New York City, Sunday April 18 2010, 2-3pm) (transcript, video).

While Secretary Gates denies, he was trying to shake things up at the White House, sources say, his memo did exactly that, for those contingency planners, inside the Pentagon.


Russ Mitchell. Wyatt Andrews, in Washington, thank you very much.

Wyatt Andrews (CBS, Washington D.C.), reporting, “Iran & Nukes: Next steps?” (CBS Evening News “with Russ Mitchell,” New York City, Sunday April 18 2010, 2200z) (video podcast, rss, source), satellite rebroadcast, Sky News (0030z) (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia), Sky News Australia (12:30pm), credits (responsibility): “In Washington: Carrie Rabin, Kate Rydell, news editor: Tom Harris, writer: Hugh Heckman, associate producer: Lisa Pavarini, broadcast associate: Deidra Robinson, production staff: Sally Rosen, weekend news manager: Chris St. Peter,” this segment video id=6409078n, “Gates’ White House Memo on Iran” (“CBS News Video 18 Apr 2010,” April 18 2010

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Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw), April 28-29 2010


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