The liar Barbara Starr (CNN-Iran)

Kristie Lu Stout (Hong Kong). As Iran continues to thumb its nose at the international community, there’s new talk, about stepped-up U.S. military contingency plans, for dealing with Iran. Barbara Starr has more.

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Barbara Starr (Pentagon correspondent) (voice over video clips). Iran’s military on parade, this weekend. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying, Iran is now so powerful, no country would dare attack it.

Iran’s ultimate threat? It’s nuclear weapons development program.

But the White House, Monday, pointing out, the regime’s already had trouble, making weapons grade fuel.

Robert Gibbs (White House press secretary) (video clip). The rhetoric of Iran, and their nuclear program, does not always meet the reality, of what they’re capable of.

Barbara Starr. But while diplomacy is the top option, the Pentagon has stepped up planning, in case strikes are ordered. …”

Barbara Starr (CNN Pentagon correspondent, Virginia), reporting, “Iran nuclear standoff” (CNN International, World Report, “Nuclear Iran,” April 20 2010, 1125z), falsifying, statements by Robert Gibbs (White House press secretary) (White House, press briefing, Monday April 19 2010, 1740-1829z, 1:40-2:29pm.edt).

Liars league

Barbara Starr lied, when she said, Iran has a “nuclear weapons development program,” because she knows it to be an unassailable fact, that Iran has no such thing, so far as she knows.

Barbara Starr lied, when she claimed, that the White House said, on Monday, that Iran is trying to make “weapons grade fuel.” Robert Gibbs said no such thing (it’s his daily press briefing, she voiced-over, as her source).

In addition, it’s Barbara Starr’s business to know it, that Iran’s enrichment industry is safeguarded by the IAEA, which reports quarterly, that Iran has never exceeded the 5% (U235) enrichment limit Iran designated, for its underground fuel enrichment plant (FEP) at Natanz.

Or at its pilot fuel enrichment plant (PFEP) either, a research and development facility, also at Natanz.

Until the U.S. violated its agreement, and its international obligations, a “material breach” of the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, article 4(2)), by objecting, menacing any country which would supply fuel for Iran’s IAEA safeguarded TRR (Tehran Research Reactor), and accept Iran’s offer to swap an equivalent amount of its 3.5% enriched uranium, as part payment (what U.S. officials said they wanted).

On February 9 2010, Iran began enriching to 19.75% U235 (LEU: low enriched uranium), to make its own fuel, for the TRR, which produces short half-life radio isotopes for cancer treatment. This, at its research enrichment plant at Natanz (PFEP), in an isolated 164-centrifuge cascade, under IAEA safeguards. (Gill Tudor, IAEA press release 2010/02, February 8 2010; IAEA INFCIRC/786, March 2 2010).

“Weapons grade” fuel, in general parlance, is 90% enriched (U235) (HEU: highly enriched uranium) (the U.S. Hiroshima uranium bomb was 80% enriched).

Barbara Starr presumably knows this elementary fact, because she’s been a reporter, on U.S. Defense Department topics, for more than 20 years, with Jane’s Defense Weekly, ABC News, and CNN.

Barbara Starr might say, she was reading a lying script, and she felt no reason to doubt it. If so, she’ll be quick to explain herself, and condemn the CNN liars, who put their lies in her mouth.

But I don’t suppose Barbara Starr is so ignorant, about an issue in her domain, U.S. leaders have crowed about it, for nearly a decade (Iran’s nuclear enrichment program).

Barbara Starr vomits her contribution, into a powerful stream of lies, about Iran, from CNN, and other broadcasters.

These endless, relentless, lies, they incite, aid and abet, facilitate, promote, dishonest, faulty, public policy, gangster enterprises, and violent crimes, by U.S. and EU officials, covert action, military strikes, complicity in Israel’s violent war crimes (looting, colonizing, abuse, felony murder).

These lies, by the media, preempt popular opposition (create doubt), embolden liars (validate their lies), marginalize whistle blowers (threaten abuse), build media consensus for the lies, and frame the truth as a media dungeon, a “sphere of deviance,” 1  to intimidate honest and diligent journalists, editors, publishers.

So they hope.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw), April 20-21, 24 2010


 1  “Sphere of deviance” explained, Jay Rosen (professor, Journalism Institute, NYU: New York University), “Audience Atomization Overcome: Why the Internet Weakens the Authority of the Press” (PressThink, “ghost of democracy in the media machine,” January 12 2009), endorsing Daniel C. Hallin (professor, Department of Communication, UCSD: University of California San Diego), The “Uncensored War”: The Media and Vietnam (1986) (Jay Rosen: “easily the most useful diagram I’ve found for understanding the practice of journalism in the United States, and the hidden politics of that practice”).



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