Iran’s reply (infcirc/786) to Amano (iaea gov/2010/10)

Here is Iran’s reply, to the new director-general of the IAEA, his first report on Iran, a lawyer, who’s been at the IAEA, more than 4 years, with the duty to know the facts, which he decided to lie about, in his report (Yukiya Amano).

The IAEA posted Iran’s reply as an image-only pdf, and so the text of it, what Iran says, can not be found on the IAEA’s website, it cannot be indexed, searched, copied, printed.

I extracted that text (with an OCR program), and I post it here, where it can be found, indexed, searched, copied, printed, what Iran has to say, in reply, to Mr. Amano:

INFCIRC/786 (IAEA, 2 March 2010) {image and text: 1.26mb.pdf} {iaea image only: 895kb.pdf} (“Communication dated 1 March 2010 received from the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Agency regarding the implementation of safeguards in Iran”), distributing Iran’s reply to IAEA GOV/2010/10 (“Explanatory note by the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the IAEA on the Report of the Director General on implementation of Safeguards in Iran (GOV/2010/10)”).

It’s not IAEA practice, to post image-only pdfs, of documents received from member countries. I’ve seen plenty, posted with searchable pdf-text, a combination of IAEA text attaching a document, the whole being a text-pdf. But, I haven’t looked at every infcirc, may be there are plenty, from other countries too, also posted as image-only pdfs, may be there’s an innocent explanation, may be it’s not an intentional decision, by anonymous operatives, at the IAEA, to conceal it from the public, the text, of what Iran has to say.

This is not the first important document, from Iran, the IAEA posted as an image-only pdf. Others, I also extracted the text, and posted them too, linked from here:

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (WarLaw), March 3 2010
reposted INFCIRC/786 (text-pdf), April 16 2010


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