Hillary Mann Leverett assesses Obama’s integrity

She speaks for me.

Does she speak for you.

Barbara Serra (presenter). One very final question, to you.

Do you think Obama was naive, at the start of his presidency, when it came to Iran.

Hillary Mann Leverett. I’m very reluctant to say that, as someone who supported him.

And for the first several months, I blamed it, on the appointment of his senior advisers, who I thought, were not up to the task, or supportive of his policies.

But at this point, I do have to really question, whether the strategic impulses he articulated, so eloquently, were really heartfelt.

Hillary Mann Leverett, Raymond Tanter, interviewed by Barbara Serra (presenter), “Iran” (Aljazeera English, Washington D.C. studio, Tuesday February 3 2010, 9:30pm.et, at 9:41:51) (aje-20100204t0230z,024151z).

– Charles Judson Harwood Jr.
February 7 2010


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