Afghan survey 2009, BBC-ABC-ARD (December 11-23, D3 ACSOR)

Liars league

Another BBC lie, as usual.

That’s my guess.

They concealed who paid for it, who did it, and the methodology, as usual.

The result enthuses, how deeply in love the Afghans are, with the United States of America, its military, and the welcome armed occupation, of their country.

My guess is, the pollsters are likely sustained, by secret DoD-funded consulting contracts, staffed, serviced by U.S. military personnel, CIA, MI6, or their contractors. The pollsters are D3 Systems Inc. (Vienna Virginia), and ACSOR, its Afghan creation.

And, my guess is, the poll too was likely paid for, nearly 100%, by a secret U.S. military-funded contract, with token payments for show, from the fronting agents, viz, BBC (the World Service is itself funded 100% by the U.K. Foreign Office) (the BBC does not claim it paid any money), ABC News (U.S.), ARD (Germany).

Money talks, he who pays the piper calls the tune, and it’s a very simple matter to discover — surprise! surprise! — that Afghans believe whatever you want them to believe.

If that’s what the paymaster wants, it’s easily accomplished, by blatant lies, a fiction (the usual U.S. military method), or by carefully selecting whom and where you poll, with what questions, under what circumstances.

The report conceals its methodology (if any):– who, where, how selected, interviewed by whom, where, in who’s company.

And, the pollsters too, and the survey management, designers, consultants, contributors, paymasters, they’re all anonymous. For good reason, I presume, so the audience won’t burst out laughing, I imagine, in ridicule.

Reputable pollsters, their credibility is grounded, on their reputation, named individuals, they proudly own their work, list their names. Liars-for-hire, they have reputations too, a good reason to conceal their names.

The BBC webpage claims — what the poll conceals — “The survey was conducted in all of the country’s 34 provinces”.

If so, then a single Afghan in each province, on the U.S. military payroll, or other government supporter, that would justify that materially misleading statement, a liar would claim.

Poll of Afghan opinion, 11-23 December 2009 {780kb.pdf} (“This survey was conducted for ABC News, the BBC and ARD by the Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research (ACSOR) based in Kabul, a D3 Systems Inc. subsidiary. Interviews were conducted in person, in Dari or Pashto, among a random national sample of 1,534 Afghan adults from 11-23 December, 2009.”), reported, Adam Mynott (BBC world affairs correspondent), “Afghans more optimistic for future, survey shows” (BBC News, London, Monday 11 January 11 2010, 11:00.gmt).

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Afghanistan, where pollsters can find honest answers, their paymaster might want to hear, the many backers and beneficiaries of the U.S. military enterprise. The usual winners, in the many countries, where the U.S. military selects, and rewards, who be the local “good guys.”

And plenty of poor folks too, they’ll give the same honest answers, in urban areas, protected by a foreign military occupation.

And everybody else?

Well, when men with guns come calling, and read you a list of questions, take careful note of your answers, and your name and address, and pay you money, for your trouble:–

It’s just a case of figuring out, or taking hints, what answer they want to hear.

– Charles Judson Harwood Jr.
January 11 2010



ABC News, publishes the report under the title, Afghanistan: Where Things Stand (2009 National Poll of Afghanistan) {240kb.pdf}, reported, Gary Langer, “Views Improve Sharply in Afghanistan, Though Criticisms of the U.S. Stay High: ABC News-BBC-ARD National Survey of Afghanistan” {pf} (ABC News, New York City, January 11 1020)

ABC posts an anonymous webpage, “ABC News/BBC/ARD Afghanistan Poll — Note on Methodology{pf} (January 11 2010). This details a plan of how to select whom and where to interview. ABC does not vouch for the truth of this anonymous, hearsay, account, or that this plan was actually implemented, or that its results were honestly tabulated, into the final report, by the pollsters, or by their masters.

Like the BBC, ABC too does not disclose who paid for it, the survey, does not claim it paid any money, and does not name any individuals in the pollster organization. Hence, like the BBC, the ABC account of this poll is also untrustworthy.

Lies by U.S./U.K. officials, and by the U.S. and U.K. media, are so extensive, on so many topics, especially about Iran, and especially lies by the U.S. military (which I presume secretly paid for this survey), I am unable to believe anything they say, on any topic, which cannot be independently verified.

The use of polls, to persuade public opinion, is a tool a fascist military enterprise can use, to obtain the money and power it desires, to pursue its agendas. Likewise secretly funding think tank liars, media figures (reporters, broadcasters), which the U.S. military, and CIA, also secretly do.  – CJHjr (January 11 2010, 0600am)


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