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Rankings: 24-hour TV news

RTV launched an American daily newscast, live, from the belly of the beast, on January 14 at 4pm, 4 half hour newscasts, split by an hour of discussion and analysis (The Alyona Show,, 2300z) (RTV newsroom, Washington D.C.,, 2100z-0130z). A few months back, I decided to investigate this, english language TV news, the […]

Afghan survey 2009, BBC-ABC-ARD (December 11-23, D3 ACSOR)

Liars league Another BBC lie, as usual. That’s my guess. They concealed who paid for it, who did it, and the methodology, as usual. The result enthuses, how deeply in love the Afghans are, with the United States of America, its military, and the welcome armed occupation, of their country. My guess is, the pollsters […]