The liar Tony Blair (“kidnapped” Gilad Shalit, Iran)

Liars league

Christiane Amanpour. In the absence of, of any diplomacy happening right now and with the will clearly not there, what do you think will be the effect? Because many of the Palestinian officials are saying that Mahmoud Abbas, who is one of the most credible and, and popular Palestinian leaders, feels betrayed by all sides, not only his Israeli partners, but by the United States, and even Arab countries, as well, and that if he does, in fact, resign, it will completely collapse the Palestinian Authority. How can this move forward, if the Palestinian Authority is no longer viable?

Tony Blair. Well, it is serious, which is precisely why we need to find a way, as I say, of unlocking the credibility of the negotiations and getting on with it, because there’s no alternative. I mean, the alternative is a vacuum, and a vacuum is dangerous.

And we’ve also got, which we haven’t discussed so far, the problem of Gaza, where it is essential in my view that we get an approach that allows us to start to open up Gaza, to help the people there, to get the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldier, and, and to start to give some sense to the Palestinian people that this will be a Palestinian state, West Bank and Gaza.

(CNN, Amanpour, New York City, November 10 2009 15:10pm) {audio 22.7mb.mp3, rss, video 145mb.m4v, rss}.

“Kidnap” is a crime, and that’s the label Israelis pinned on Hamas, when fighters from Hamas-governed Gaza captured an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit (June 25 2006). During their raid, they tunneled under the wall (which Israel erected around Gaza), attacked an Israeli military post, and killed two Israeli soldiers.

U.S./U.K. officials dittoed, and their corporate media too, they endorsed, amplified, Israel’s chorus, and the BBC too, endlessly repeating “kidnap,” many many times, year after year.

The purpose of this label (“kidnap”) is to pin a black hat on Hamas — as a violent, criminal, terrorist, organization — and to suppress conversation about Israel’s war on Gaza.

Because here’s what they’re afraid of:

“Capture” is not a crime, it’s legal, in a war. Israel’s war on Gaza legalized the raid, the killing of the two Israeli soldiers, the “capture” of Gilad Shalit (a “combatant”), the detention of Gilad Shalit, permanently (until the war is over), the offer to exchange Gilad Shalit for some of the Palestinians held captive by Israel, women and children, elected Hamas politicians, more than 10,000 Palestinians.

All of that is legal in war.

It’s the business of the “Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East” to know this, Tony Blair, a lawyer, his wife a lawyer, and so he just lies about it, aiding and abetting, facilitating, Israel’s war on Gaza (blockade, siege, assaults) and, especially, Israel’s headline war crimes, appropriating and colonizing Palestinian land and water, in the 1967 oPt, occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, annexed by Israel, a criminal act, and no defense, in war crimes trials. See, “Prosecuting U.S. complicity in Israeli settlement war crimes: plunder, colonizing, murder, arson.”

Christiane Amanpour did not correct Tony Blair, or challenge him. It’s her business too, to know this was a lawful “capture,” not a criminal “kidnap.” I imagine she well knows this.

Tony Blair also lies about Iran, another Israeli conspiracy he promotes:

Here, after firing his foreign minister Jack Straw (May 5 2006), when Jack Straw admitted the truth:

Tony Blair (U.K. prime minister). Iran’s President has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.” And he’s trying to acquire a nuclear weapon. (“A Renaissance in Foreign Policy,” speech, Los Angeles World Affairs Council, August 1 2006) {No.10, video}.

Jack Straw (U.K. foreign secretary). But, let’s be clear, there is no smoking gun. There is no casus belli. We can’t be certain about Iran’s intentions. And that is, therefore, not a basis of which anybody would gain authority to go into military action. (BBC One TV, Sunday AM, London, April 9 2006, 9am, interviewed by Andrew Marr).

Jack Straw (U.K. foreign secretary). We don’t know for certain that they are moving towards the development of a nuclear weapons system. (BBC, Radio 4, Today, London, March 13 2006, 8:10am, interviewed by John Humphrys) {audio}.

So Tony Blair is the would be perfect president, of the EU European Council, its 3 biggest members united with him, in lying, about Israel, Palestinians, Iran (EU3: U.K., France, Germany).

But 2 of the 3 didn’t want Tony Blair, and so the EU members, their leaders, appointed Belgium’s prime minister instead, as their president, the “President of the European Council,” Herman Van Rompuy (Brussels, November 19 2009). I don’t yet know his statements about Israel, Palestinians, Iran.

Or, the statements of Catherine Ashton, the new EU foreign minister, appointed at the same time (EU “High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy”).

If there be any EU government officials who speak honestly, about Israel, Palestinians, Iran, their statements did not yet come to my notice.

So I don’t expect to be hearing any honest talk — about Israel, Palestinians, Iran — from the new EC president or the new EU foreign minister.

The new EC president looks nice, intelligent, and honest, a welcome new face on the international scene. But he says he won’t lead, rather, he will operate in secret, to pursue consensus among the EU CEOs.

I hope he changes his mind, and proves me wrong.

Charles Judson Harwood Jr (Warlaw)


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