Iran: “The full text of the detailed report of the Guardian Council on the presidential election”

Here’s the English translation of “The full text of the detailed report of the Guardian Council on the presidential election” (July 16 2009), (U.K. BBC Monitoring (BBCM), U.S. DNI Open Source Center (OSC), formerly CIA FBIS: Foreign Broadcast Information Service).

The U.S. translation silently omits text, the smoking gun, the number of accredited election observers, ID cards issued to 40,676 observers requested by Mir Hossein Mousavi (Mirhoseyn Musavi), and issued to 13,506 observers requested by Mehdi Karroubi (Mehdi Karrubi), Mousavi’s ally.

The signatures of these, their own observers, on the ballot count forms on election day (June 12 2009) (as I suppose they did), and their subsequent silence, and the silence of Musavi and Karrubi on their behalf, this, their failure to challenge the ballot box counts, as published by the election officials, this amounts to their certification, that every single ballot count they observed is accurate, as published.

That’s at least 89% of the 45,692 total ballot boxes (40,676 Musavi observers), and maybe all of them, because some polling stations had more than one ballot box and so some observers presumably certified more than one box.

This report, published by the Guardian Council and by Fars news agency, is a pubic challenge, to Mousavi, “Put up or shut up.” -CJ Harwood (Warlaw)


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