Iran election-1, recount: Khamenei’s intent, Mousavi’s duty

So far, Mousavi incites public disorder, but refuses to reveal (to the public, at any rate) any evidence to back his complaints. And, he also refuses to do his public duty, to observe the recount of ballot boxes, as surrogate witness for the public.

To restore public confidence, the guardian council must now find another way, to convince the public, the count is honest, or that it’s dishonest, and why. A public recount, by members of the public, selected by the public, live on TV, that’s the obvious method.

Conspicuously omitted, from the foreign press, is an explanation of Iran’s ballot-count system, surely, political science 101, but no professors were summoned to explain it, no foreign diplomats either, and plenty of them surely explained it, to their head offices, no expat Iranians either.

The Iranian establishment keeps saying, ballot counting is done by ordinary people, citizens, not government officials. But we get no detail, no confirmation of it.

Is the ballot count transparent, so the public believes it, like the U.K., for example, counting in public, observers on duty, the count announced publicly, at each polling station, a check against the later report by the national election officials.

Or is it done by government operatives, slammed doors, expelled observers, a case of “trust us.”

So we come to Friday prayers (June 19 2009), AK the preacher (Ayatollah Khomeini), he says what the guardian council said, he said Mousavi can recount any ballots he’s suspicious about, his observers watching, any or all of the 45,713 ballot boxes, plus 304 boxes in 32 foreign polling stations.

Iranians are the most rational people on the planet, and so their leaders know their public must feel satisfied with the count, and by rational methods, not blind faith.

The Iran-bashers, and the BBC, their premise is that AK the preacher and AM the president (Ahmadinejad), and other top leaders, they are liars, dishonest, corrupt, immoral — just like themselves, the Iran-bashers. As usual, they provide no evidence, merely endless tales of inferences and myths.

Possible, but unlikely. AK and AM, they continuously preach honesty and morality. And so any dishonesty, in the election, is likely to be a cabal, inside the interior ministry, in charge of the voting system (obeying whose orders?).

AK the preacher, and the guardian council, if they’re honest, they will recognize their election law is inadequate — doesn’t provide transparency (apparently), doesn’t deal with a challenge by a candidate (Mousavi) who won’t cooperate in a recount.

Mousavi is a political insider (prime minister for many years) and so the abuse he has heaped on the voting system has destroyed public confidence.

AK and the guardian council, they will surely appreciate this, and feel the same way themselves. They will want to assure the public that the count is honest, and assure themselves too, a good opportunity for a 100% audit of the system.

And if they discover the ballot count was rigged, it’s their legal responsibility to discover how, to fix it for the future, and then to call another election.

They will be eager to do this, if they’re honest, as I presume they are.

AK the preacher, he said, at Friday prayers, there’s corruption in Iran, just like any other country, and you have to work hard to suppress it, prevent it from spreading.

My guess is, they’re honest, AK and the guardian council, and this is what they’ll do. -CJ Harwood (Warlaw)


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  1. Ohm51
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    Not sure how I like this wordpress template … the W3C page seems much better suited as it delinates your commentary clearly from the linked documentation you provide in support of your conclusions.

    Are you changing the War Law page? Or just submitting portions to wordpress to enable the comments?

    Regarding your post … I have termed it: ‘The Stolen Election Meme’

    This is negative imprinting, and viral meme generation in the same sense as ‘Wiping Israel off the Map’, and Amadinejad as ‘The Holocaust Denier’ … the two most frequently cited ‘facts’ being used to paint Amadinejad as dangerously unhinged and demonize Iranian governance.

    The psychological mechanism being exploited – that if you can imprint a negative perception within the public conscousness early enough … no amount of subsequent truth, or public correction, will serve to erase the initial negative distortions regardless the facts.

    If you might recall there was temporarly an, ‘Iran Requiring Jews to Wear Identity Badges’ -meme, that one proved unsucessful however as it only served to reveal the lie by informing the general public that Iran actually had a Jewish communty that were a protected minority living within the country, a complete surprise to many folks.

    The first two, on the other hand, despite being roundly debunked, have become cemented as ‘facts’ within the public consciousness.

    Utilizing Twitter and other social media as the prefered mechanisms for viral marketing camaigns is nothing new … and using such knowledge in the propagation of political propaganda as the next bold step forward was only to be expected, marketing being essentially propaganda.

    What is truly remarkable is the overwhelming success of the present campaign, characterized by the relative ease (& dizzying speed) with which it was accomplished … as the lie about ‘The Stolen Election’ has been embraced as the conventional wisdom on Iran from all sides of the equation & political compass.

    One has to look very hard to find any actual facts regarding the Iranian Electoral process, or to find any dissenting opinion amid the the overwhelmingly negative but popular mis-impressions.

    I imagine there are a bunch of people in the bowels of innumerable think tanks both analyzing the results and contemplating the rich possibilities.

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